General Rules & Regulations

The students are the most valuable asset of every educational institution. They are also the future of a nation. It is, therefore, expected that every student of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar College will try hard to prove himself/herself worthy of this noble institution by his/her sweet manners, diligence, perseverance and devotion to student to become an ideal and disciplined citizen of India.

(a) Every student must (i) follow the Class-Routine (ii) attend the general & tutorial classes and (iii) appear at the subject-wise Tutorial & class Tests and college & University examinations as per arrangement from time to time.
(b) Student must attend the Ambedkar Jayanti Programmed arranged jointly by staff and student. Seminars, Symposium, Workshops, Debates & Conference on various Topics and issues organized by their respective departments.
(c) The students are also expected to take part in the inter-class indoor and outdoor games. Annual sports of the college and the inter college games and sports organized by the University and/or by the Government.
(d) Students must pay their tuition fees and other charges of the college regularly. Tuition fees are to be paid by the same within two months. The defaulters will have to pay Rupees one per day as delay fine and in case of failure to pay the same within two months, the names of the concerned students. Will be back up from the attendance register. They will have to pay extra one month's tuition fees for re-admission in the college for continuance.
(e) Students must follow the Notice Board for update information regarding College and University affairs.
(f) It is expected that every student will use the College Library card reading room for text & reference books. Journals & periodicals. Reading room is open to all Library Card Holders during college hours.
(g) Every student must collect his/her Identity Card which have to be produced not only at the time of yearly Students' Union Election but also at the time entry into the College campus if and when asked for.
(h) Mobile Phones must be switched off in the class-rooms while the teachers take classes.
(i) Smoking in the class room and college campus is strictly prohibited.